Meet Dawnna St Louis, FyreSavvy Co-Founder

Act I: From Zero to Hero

Picture this: A 19-year-old Dawnna, living out of her car, hustling for every opportunity. Sounds like the start of a sob story, right? Wrong. This is where our heroine discovers her knack for tech while working as a receptionist. Fast-forward a few years, and she’s not just a tech prodigy; she’s the mastermind behind a $250M tech company. Boom! Mic drop.

Act 2: The Pivot

Retirement at 39? For most, that’s the dream. But for Dawnna, it was just the prologue. People wanted to hear her story, and she delivered, taking the stage nationally and internationally. But hold up—speaking gigs weren’t cutting it. Clients wanted more. They wanted Dawnna, the coach.

Act 3: The Game-Changer

Coaching? Nah, too vanilla for our leading lady. She wanted her clients to experience transformative shifts, not just nod along to a PowerPoint. Enter FyreSavvy, born from a fateful meeting with Shanel in 2023. This was the game-changer, the moment where coaching evolved into an immersive, high-ticket experience that turned businesses into empires in less than 9 months.

Credentials That Slay

  • Top 5 Sales Coach in the US (only woman of color) in this category

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Retired)

  • Certified Project Management Professional (Retired)

  • Certified in 7 Programming Languages

  • Built a $250M Tech Business

The Woman Behind the Legend

When she’s not busy turning businesses into success stories, Dawnna loves to swim and snorkel—though she’s hilariously scared of fish. She’s a hiking enthusiast and a proud Shiba Inu mom to Jackson.

The Why That Fuels the Fyre

Let’s get real: The stats on entrepreneurship suck. But Dawnna’s on a mission to change the game. With the right mindset, killer sales skills, and a business model that’s not just a buzzword but a blueprint, you can break free from corporate colonization. Because freedom ain’t free, folks. You’ve got to invest to manifest.

Ready to Slay, Play & 10x Your Way to MORE Profits?

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