FyreSavvy isn't your typical coaching program or "container".

We're a hands-on business advisory and coaching firm for professional service-based providers, consultants and expert coaches.

We bring a wealth of experience, having launched over $4 billion in projects and earning industry accolades in Sales, Revenue Generation & Social Media Strategy.

Revenue generation | Client attraction Strategies | High-Ticket Messaging | Sales Mastery

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Ever felt like you're being sold the key chain, t-shirt, and floormats before the car? Ridiculous, right? Yet, that's what you're doing with the tired tango of the Ascension Model. It's a desperate dance leading to mediocrity.

Say goodbye to time-restrictive nonsense and lead magnet hell.

Discover how to make simple shifts for massive gain.

Step into success, wealth, and limitless possibilities. No more games.

This is your future. Time to own it!

Fewer clients, more success. How? A sizzling signature experience. Work less, earn more. Who doesn't want that?

Design the foundational elements in your agency, consulting or service-based business.

Stop being the bottleneck in your business.

Let us show you how.


$100K Experiences - Yes, Please.

FyreSavvy helped me add a completely new stream of revenue to my business with my first international luxe experience. It is now a 6-figure high-conversion experience.

Deana Jean, Business Strategist & Collab Queen

FyreSavvy helped me shifted my hottest selling offer into a high-ticket mansion retreat experience that I could sell to clients and wellness coaches.

With this one shift, my competitors became premium-paying clients.

Ileka Falette

FyreSavvy worked with me to create an upsell strategy that 5x'd my original offer to drive more revenue faster.

Their on-demand answers, fast action, and business advisory led to cash in my account and a 7-figure relationship.

Patrice Tisdale

I needed this so much because I'm always taxing my brain. Shanel is a beast at social media so I ALWAYS love her tips and guidance.

FyreSavvy is very patient and answers any and every question.

Danielle Fisher







Your Perpetual Profit Powerhouse.

Part of the Signature Business Model, this is your non-stop ticket to success.

Think all-year-round revenue, fueled by YOUR relentless ambition.

Want to grow and stay stable? This is your game-changer.

Keep it fresh, get to know your potential clients, and be strategic.

Quality? Non-negotiable.

Marketing? Be robust.

This isn't just an offer; it's a revolution in how you do business.

Get ready to roll with it, because once it's in motion, it's unstoppable!


Your High-Octane Revenue Rush

The Limited Offer is a shooting star in your business galaxy, brief but brilliant.

This is all about creating a fever pitch with something exclusive, something NOW. It's urgency, scarcity, and desire!

Want massive revenue spikes? Want to elevate your brand to celebrity status?

Then light that fuse and let the Limited Offer in your Signature Business Model do its explosive dance. It's here for a good time, not a long time, but oh, what a mark it will leave!

Make it irresistible, time it right, and pack it with value.

Because missing out? That would feel like a crime.


The Ultimate Expression of Your Genius

Forget cookie-cutter offers; this is tailored, personalized, and crafted with that unique brilliance only you can bring for your well-defined Signature Client.

It's the heartbeat of your business, the connection between you and your clients that takes them to their goals.

Whether it's unprecedented access, unmatched uniqueness, or over-delivering value that leaves clients dazzled, the Signature Offer is where your art, your craft, your mission comes alive.

It's not just a product or a service; it's a transformative journey, a statement, a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ready to make your mark? The Signature Offer is where it all happens.


Personalized Strategic Planning

Set a clear path to apply the Signature Model in your business and maximize your chances of success with our strategic advisory & expertise.

Messaging, Marketing and Sales Support

Get immediate guidance and support from our expert advisors and Insider Network for customized high-ticket client attraction strategies.

Community and Collaboration

You don't only have access to coaches, you have access to our Insider Network of powerhouse entrepreneurs, advisors and collaboration partners. Call us The Wealth Mafia.


Nicole L. Brown

Daycare Expert & Business Coach

Wumi Williams

Mental Wellness Practitioner

Cristal Sias

Business Growth Coach



Shanel Evans, FyreSavvy co-founder and Socially Savvy's brainchild, is your fast-pass to digital domination.

From steering $3B launches to pioneering her own firm, she’s your go-to for business strategy.

With her 100K V.I.B.E. Methodology, she secures your online standing and coins.

Bagging awards and leading Meta's realm, she's committed to fostering opportunities and authenticity. Coaching clients to 10x revenues using failproof strategies, even if growth plans are Greek to you, she’s your compass to prosperity.

Shanel - the sass, the success, the way forward.


Dawnna is the very no-nonsense leader and Chief Business Advisor whose ideation and visionary skills will leave you "shooketh".

Yes! She will invade your personal space, hug you like no-one's business, and get you out of your own way so you can achieve those big hairy audacious goals. 

Her claim to fame is that her client list includes Starbucks, American Airlines, Microsoft, Aabott, Merck, and the National Association of Broadcasters ... to name a few.

Every business Dawnna has ever built has broken at least 7-figures. Her largest business sold for $250M. And since she was homeless at 19 - so accepting excuses is simply not in her DNA!

She expects no less than success from every client.

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