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Your professional level expertise and services are a critical force for your clients' success.



You drive success through coaching, networking, masterminds, retreats, and more.



You deliver amazing service. If you can just duplicate "you", your business would soar.



Your expertise has served your industry well but you know there is more. This is your time.




You want your offers to provide innovative and unique ways to stand out from your competition.



Your want a broader reach, bigger impact, and a consistently flow of highly qualified clients.



You want to effortlessly influence prospects to enroll in your high-ticket programs and services.



You want to accelerate revenue and increase margins while gaining and maintaining financial freedom.




Shanel Evans is the founder of Socially Savvy and co-founder of FyreSavvy. From managing $3B Project Launches to launching her own successful company via social media, she shows organizations how to show up in front of their dream clients. Through her 100K V.I.B.E. Methodology, she helps her clients captivate their online audience with strategic creative development.

Shanel works with FyreSavvy clients using proven social selling, online brand guidance and client attraction strategies.

She helps organizations increase profits with implementation and collaboration ideas.

Community is a driving force for Shanel. Shanel is the Team Administrator for an award winning youth track & field non-profit co-founded with her husband, Monte. She is also a Board Member for the Donna M Saunders Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Credentials That Slay

  • Certified SWaM (Small, Micro, Women and Minority) Business in Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Member, The BOW Collective

  • Virginia Black Business Chamber, Ambassador

  • ByBlack Certified by US Black Chamber of Commerce

  • Meta Leaders Network

  • Creator of The Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards

  • Certified Public Accountant (retired)

  • Awards

    • BOW Knows Growth

    • Small Business Phenom Award by the Virginia Black Business Chamber

    • Facebook Small Business Grant for Black Business

    • SCORE Mentor, American Small Business Champion

  • Industries including:

    • Professional Services

    • Financial Services

    • Youth & Family Programming

    • Non-profits.... and many more.



With a remarkable knack for connecting and converting, Shanel has revolutionized the art of engagement, propelling her marketing consultancy and now FyreSavvy to extraordinary success.

She’s redefined what it means to sell by cultivating genuine relationships and leveraging the power of authentic connections.

Embracing her unique approach that intertwines empathy with strategy, Shanel has guided sales professionals, marketing teams, and visionary entrepreneurs in transforming interest and authenticity into their strongest leverage.

She’s committed to equipping you with the transformative tactics to magnetize your audience—engaging them in a manner that’s both seamless and sincere, irresistibly drawing them to your offerings.

Ignite a transformation in your engagement approach and witness your conversions multiply.



As a mastermind in Client Attraction and Performance Coaching, Shanel has mastered the art of blending growth and enhancing performance across the spectrum of business landscapes.

Her strategic insight and innovative coaching techniques have propelled entrepreneurs, agencies, and sales teams toward achieving breakthrough revenue milestones and optimizing operational efficiencies.

Shanel’s approach goes beyond conventional coaching. By diving deep into the dynamics of organic lead generation and social media strategy, she empowers her clients to unlock their full potential, fostering an environment where strategic planning meets actionable execution.

With a keen focus on cultivating a mindset geared towards continuous improvement and resilience, Shanel equips her clientele with the tools, knowledge, and mindset necessary to navigate the complexities of market demands while securing and expanding their competitive edge.

Step into a journey with Shanel to redefine your business's trajectory, transform your social media strategy, and achieve unprecedented levels of performance and revenue growth.



Step into the vibrant world of Shanel, where marketing wisdom meets motivational magic, creating an unforgettable experience that's as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Known for her dynamic presence and infectious energy, Shanel transforms every speaking event into a journey of discovery, laughter, and empowerment.

Shanel’s talks are a unique blend of actionable marketing tactics and uplifting motivational anecdotes, all delivered with her signature blend of humor, warmth, and boundless enthusiasm.

Prepare to be captivated as Shanel takes you on a whirlwind tour of innovative marketing techniques and motivational milestones. It’s not just about learning the ropes—it’s about enjoying the climb and celebrating every step of the journey.

With Shanel on the mic, get ready to laugh, learn, and leap forward in your marketing endeavors and personal growth.


The Power of Savvy

What transforms a casual browser into a committed buyer? With Shanel’s innovative SAVVY framework, you’ll unlock the secrets to resonating with your audience on a profound level. Dive into the world of savvy sales and master the craft of creating compelling connections.


Ignite Your Influence: Secrets of Online Brand Success

Pivotal strategies behind captivating online audiences and transforming them into dedicated followers. Discover the art of building a magnetic online presence that resonates with authenticity and authority.


Resilient Foundations: Bridging Strategy with Story

The intricacies of building a solid structural foundation for your business, focusing on actionable strategies, efficient systems, and scalable processes. Beyond the mechanics, we reveal the soul of your enterprise by exploring stories of resilience, lessons learned through adversity, and the power of vulnerability in leadership.


The Sass, The Success, The Way Forward

Initially carving her path as a traditionally trained accountant, Shanel’s professional tapestry is woven with experiences across a range of industries—from philanthropic endeavors with non-profits to pivotal roles in infrastructure development where she orchestrated the launches of transportation projects valued at $3 billion.

Yet, despite these achievements, Shanel harbored a yearning for something more—a desire for entrepreneurial success that offered not just financial rewards but the cherished treasures of time freedom to spend with family and to explore the world.

Revolution through Reinvention

After being bottlenecked and overwhelmed in her social media agency, Shanel braved a new business model that turbo-charged revenue by leveraging the full power of exclusivity. This high-ticket offer empowered her to address the visibility needs of her DREAM clients with even more impact in an intimate way that felt fun and truly authentic.

The Social Media Domination Mansion Retreat was born. The result.

Explosive new revenue potential.

Time savings and personal freedom.

A new 6-figure revenue stream. Less work. Less burnout.

This new reinvention led to a powerful partnership with Co-Founder, Dawnna.

The Why That Fuels the Fyre

Community is a driving force for Shanel. Shanel is the Team Administrator for an award winning youth track & field non-profit co-founded with her husband, Monte. She is also a Board Member for the Donna M Saunders Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.

She resides in Virginia with her husband and 3 young adult daughters and they travel whenever they have the chance! When she's not traveling, Shanel enjoys online shopping for bling and watching Netflix.

I had the pleasure of working with Shanel Evans on a messaging project for my course launch. She was very quick to respond and very helpful in explaining to me the services that she could offer and how she could help me.

My course lunch was literally a few days away and she worked through the weekend to provide feedback on the verbiage in my webinar in addition to writing the emails leading up to and directly following the webinar.

Upon looking at my pricing structure and offers, she was able to quickly make two recommendations that directly resulted in additional sales and also a greater price per course sold resulting in a successful $25,000 launch!

Shanel knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I will continue to use her services for upcoming course launches and my evergreen funnels. Thanks, Shanel!

Chef Lisa Brooks, Personal Chef Playbook

Shanel provided me the tools and confidence to execute on my first multi-5-figure Launch in just under 60 days. Her tips for optimizing my marketing funnel and offer landing page were gold, and created the type of enhanced visibility that attracted and converted my ideal clients.

Deana, Intentional Success Tribe

Shanel is the most amazing social media genius I have ever seen. She has challenged me to work toward coming into the light about my work and expertise. She is the real deal.

Whether your a large corporation, small business, or solopreneur, Shanel is the missing ingredient to your social media strategy. As I pivot into implementing her genius in my business, I am so hopeful --- to those of you in my out...I am about to create legacy in my business....anything good that comes for me...know that Shanel is a key ingredient.

Katherine Phillips-Parrish, Phillips Learning & Development

he has an intense commitment to provide value to her clients. She has a personal drive to help her clients succeed in the area of social media. Seldom do you get to work with an expert like Shanel who truly gets more joy from her clients success than she does her own.

She is an absolute dominant force in the world of social media. She is a social media strategist who helps her clients find unique ways to attract their ideal prospects. Now that's just plain bad ass. I would recommend any business looking for creative and unique ways to identify, target and reach their ideal clients quickly to contact Shanel

M. Bently, Sales Director, Transfinder

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