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Meet Doug Stampfli, FyreSavvy Client Concierge

The Heart of FyreSavvy

Doug's warm presence resonates throughout the company, making every interaction feel like a heart-to-heart conversation. With a lifelong journey in coaching and education, Doug believes in the transformative power of coaching—one individual at a time. His unwavering commitment? Helping passionate coaches turn their expertise into high-ticket offers, granting them the freedom and financial security they've always envisioned. To him, FyreSavvy isn't just a concept; it's a way of life, all about freedom and joy.

The Coach

Founder of Stampfli Coaching Services for 12 years: Where Doug masterfully provided inspirational coaching, training, and speaking services. He was the guiding light for countless leaders and groups, helping them hone an aligned mindset, fostering positive connections to enhance performance, well-being and relationships.  

Aligned Leadership & Mindset Coach, Educator, Speaker: Doug's previous roles stand testimony to his depth of experience and passion for aligned leadership and mindset coaching.  

Lead Instructor-Basketball at Southern Wisconsin Officials Association for 4 years: A unique role that combined his love for sports with his knack for teaching and leadership. Doug had the honor to officiate in 3 Wisconsin High School State Basketball Tournaments. 

High School Athletics Coach for 19 years: While serving as a high school head and assistant coach in multiple sports (basketball, track, cross country, golf), Doug was blessed to coach some incredible student-athletes & teams that won championships at the highest levels.

Credentials That Slay

  • Mindset Mastery- Stellar

  • Client Experience

  • Aligned Leadership

  • Teambuilding

  • Positive Intelligence

  • In-depth Coaching

The Why That Fuels the Fyre

Doug grew up in a small Wisconsin town (Ridgeway) that had less than 500 people and he is extremely proud of his roots. He and his family currently reside in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Beyond his professional endeavors, Doug's world revolves around his loving wife, Kari, and their two amazing sons, Samuel & Matthew. They aren't just his family—they're his daily dose of inspiration. Every step he takes, every decision he makes, it's all geared towards setting a positive precedent for them, hoping one day they'll look back and be proud of his legacy.

Ready to collaborate and be inspired to greater heights.

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