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MASTER SALES STRATEGIST and Business Coach, Dawnna St Louis, guides her clients to rapid results leveraging her experience winning over $1B in sales and building a $250M tech consultancy.




Your professional level expertise and services are a critical force for your clients' success.



You drive success through coaching, networking, masterminds, retreats, and more.



You deliver amazing service. If you can just duplicate "you", your business would soar.



Your expertise has served your industry well but you know there is more. This is your time.




You want your offers to provide innovative and unique ways to stand out from your competition.



Your want a broader reach, bigger impact, and a consistently flow of highly qualified clients.



You want to effortlessly influence prospects to enroll in your high-ticket programs and services.



You want to accelerate revenue and increase margins while gaining and maintaining financial freedom.




With a track record of over $1 billion in sales, Dawnna's been flipping the script on traditional sales, leading her former tech-consultancy and now FyreSavvy to unparalleled heights, and teaching the masters of the industry- like you - how to accelerate and scale their revenue.

With Dawnna's curiosity-driven strategy, she's show sales pros, industry experts, and entrepreneurs how to turn curiosity and attention into their most potent asset.

She's here to arm you with the insider secrets to attract clients like a powerhouse—and enroll them effortlessly, authentically, undeniably into your solution.

Let's light that fire under your sales strategy and watch your revenue soar.

Credentials That Slay

  • Top 5 Sales Coach in the US by ISN (only woman of color in this category)

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Retired)

  • Certified Project Management Professional (Retired)

  • Built a $250M Tech Business

  • Over $1B in lifetime sales

  • Creator: Curiosity Driven Sales Strategy

  • Client list includes:

    • Microsoft

    • Amazon

    • Starbucks

    • Abbott

    • Discover

    • American Airlines

    • National Associations

  • Industries including:

    • Financial and Legal Services

    • Technology

    • Broadcasting

    • Insurance.... and many more.

Revenue acceleration is your new reality. Dawnna St. Louis isn't just a coach; she's your strategic ally in the marketplace.

With her at your side, prepare to:

  • Convert on-the-fence prospects into eager buyers,.

  • Dismantle objections before they even arise.

  • Boost your buyers' need to act now, without discounts.

  • Avoid the top 5 pitfalls that drive potential clients away.

  • Say goodbye to endless chasing, stalling, and being ghosted.

  • Master the art of creating deals so good, they're can't be ignored.

  • Shift from awkward pitches to smooth and effective closings.

  • Utilize a bespoke script framework for success in every sales call.

  • Propel your revenue with a proven live and virtual event closing strategy that captivates and converts.

The Dawnna Difference:

With Dawnna's Curiosity Driven Sales Strategy, you're not just getting advice; you're unlocking a transformation.



Join Dawnna St. Louis and Shanel for next-level business growth. We're not just coaches; we're your revenue acceleration partners.

With us, you'll:

  • Transform services into irresistible, high-ticket offers.

  • Master closing skills that turn prospects into profits.

  • Attract your dream clients effortlessly.

  • Fast-track your revenue growth with strategic guidance.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Exclusive 1:1 Advisory: Tailor-made strategies for offers that sell and strategies that scale.

  • Irresistible Offers: Craft services that magnetize your ideal clients.

  • Easier Conversions: Boost your closing rates with curiosity-driven strategies.

  • Quality Leads: Focus on environments rich with high-value prospects.

The FyreSavvy Effect:

With our Curiosity Driven Sales Strategy, expect more than just growth; expect a business revolution.

Step into the spotlight with Dawnna St. Louis and experience the electric charge of transformative speaking.

On stage, I deliver:

  • Strategies to turn every offer into an irresistible magnet.

  • Secrets to mastering the close.

  • The art of attraction, drawing in your dream clients.

  • Rapid-fire tactics to accelerate revenue growth.

Why Dawnna Rocks the Mic:

  • Captivating Keynotes: Dive deep into the psychology of sales and motivation with talks that resonate and transform.

  • The Power of Curiosity: Learn how leveraging curiosity can obliterate sales barriers and boost conversions.

  • Engagement Mastery: Discover techniques to captivate and hold attention, turning passive listeners into active achievers.

  • Revolutionary Results: My speeches aren't just heard; they're felt. Prepare for a shift in mindset that leads to explosive growth.

The Dawnna Dynamic:

Armed with the Curiosity Driven Sales Strategy and an infectious energy that's impossible to ignore, my keynotes go beyond inspiration; they incite action.


Act I: From Zero to Hero

Imagine this: 19-year-old Dawnna, her car doubling as her home, hustling non-stop. Think it's a tale of despair? Think again.

This is where Dawnna taps into her hidden tech genius while working as a receptionist. Skip ahead, and she's not just a whiz kid in tech; she's the brains of a $250M tech empire, smashing past a cool $1B in sales.

Boom! Mic drop.

Act 2: The Pivot

Retirement at 39? For most, that’s the dream. But for Dawnna, it was just the prologue.

People wanted to hear her story, and she delivered, taking the stage nationally and internationally. But hold up—speaking gigs were just the start. Clients wanted more. They wanted Dawnna, the coach, business advisor, and revenue accelerator.

Act 3: The Game-Changer

Enter FyreSavvy, born from a fateful meeting with Shanel in 2023. This was the game-changer, the moment where coaching evolved into an immersive, business advisory firm focused on client attraction, revenue acceleration, and explosive sales.

For several years Dawnna has been our choice to kick-off our sales year. She is inspirational, motivational, and brilliant. On more than a few occasions I have used her sales lessons to move the needle and take over the market.

Dawnna is not just another speaker that comes and goes. She's been on the ground floor and in the c-suite. Her power of perspective delivers!

A. Civitella - CEO, Transfinder

Dawnna was the first female sales kick-off speaker to our primarily male audience. She OVER-DELIVERED!

I have never seen someone deliver a "just in time" keynote. Now I am spoiled! You have to be a master to pull that off. Dawnna even stepped in for another speaker and delivered a killer closing.

J. Marsden, CEO - ASP

Dawnna delivered a masterclass on sales that, 18 months later, we still refer to and use to get results.

We’ve hired her 5x in 2 years. This is not your standard sales delivery. This is a mindset shifting, goal-getting masterclass on winning at sales.

M. Bentley - Sales Director

Dawnna amped up the tone of our conference! She is a much needed kick in the pants when
you need to play bigger, think bolder, and deliver excellence.

B.Garrido - LexusNexus

I met Dawnna on a plane. She solved a problem I had at work. I then hired her as the opening keynote for our conference along with a breakout. She is the most
impactful person I’ve ever met.

J. Alexander - AT&R Solutions

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